Downsizing Industries Technology

I cite this SciDev article all the time so I might as well add it here.

Among several case studies the article describes an ingenious engineer who took the ‘fish meat deboning machine’ used by large fishing companies and downsized it for the local poor fisherman.

The device has benefitted not only the local fisherman by efficiently cleaning off their catch and thus allowing them to sell more meat, but also benefitted the environment by reducing the amount fresh meat geting thrown into the water.


About walkadm

I am an MS candidate is Science and Technology Policy. I have founded two startups in emerging markets; the first was in clean generation; the second is in smarter meter - the second has raised its first round of investment. My research focuses on agriculture and energy technology in emerging markets; inclusive business models; and entrepreneurship theory - my thesis concerns the dichotomy in survival rates between B2B and B2C startup copmanies
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