Carbon Micro Finance: Kosovo Wind Gardens

I may have found a solution to a problem my company was experiencing earlier – how do we access the voluntary carbon trading market?

If we could access a voluntary market to sell our offset carbon emissions, we could effectively subsidize the cost of our turbines to the rural Kosovar.


The two issues I experienced prior to reading this article were:

1. Kosovo is not a signatory of the 2005 Kyoto Protocol which means that Kosovar companies (including mine) have no access to the Clean Development Mechanism – the UN facilitated carbon trading market. But, who can blame Kosovo for not signing the Protocol – they’ve only been a country since February of 2008.

2. My company delivers household wind turbines, which means a decentralized, energy infrastructure – this formula is a nightmare for energy auditing. That is why nearly all companies which sell credits to the voluntary market are centralized and large scale – they are effectively much easier to audit.


I may have found my solution in the following article: Innovations and Challenges in Carbon Finance by

My next step is to reach out to the named companies and see if I can couple our future remote data acquisition software and hardware with the companies’ energy auditing software.

More to unfold in coming weeks….


About walkadm

I am an MS candidate is Science and Technology Policy. I have founded two startups in emerging markets; the first was in clean generation; the second is in smarter meter - the second has raised its first round of investment. My research focuses on agriculture and energy technology in emerging markets; inclusive business models; and entrepreneurship theory - my thesis concerns the dichotomy in survival rates between B2B and B2C startup copmanies
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