Commitment to Development Index 2010

Center for Global Development’s Commitment to Development Index 2010

This is a neat interactive display that compares/analyzes developed countries based on their impact on the developing world.

I need to spend more time playing around with the page because I’m interested to learn more about what effect agricultural subsidies and trade barriers from developed countries have on developing countries.

….. Subsidies that lower the market price of agricultural products to developing countries kill opportunities for developing countries to develop their own agricultural base. The EU in particular is notorious for its subsidization of agricultural goods – in 2006 approximately 48% of the EU’s budget went to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, which is system of agricultural subsidies and programs (Financial Management in the EU). An example of the detrimental effect of this program is that for EU sugar worth 3.30 euros, the price is lowered to 1 euro for the export market (Oxfam “A Sweeter Future?” 2004).

…. Way to complement your international development budgets with industry killing subsidies.


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I am an MS candidate is Science and Technology Policy. I have founded two startups in emerging markets; the first was in clean generation; the second is in smarter meter - the second has raised its first round of investment. My research focuses on agriculture and energy technology in emerging markets; inclusive business models; and entrepreneurship theory - my thesis concerns the dichotomy in survival rates between B2B and B2C startup copmanies
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