Kosovo Wind Gardens

I haven’t posted anything about the company I am starting – Kosovo Wind Gardens

Here is my/our business abstract:

Kosovo is the youngest and poorest country in Europe. Our multinational, multi-institutional student project has the potential to employee hundreds Kosovo’s people and power the country with carbon free energy. The project is to sell household wind-turbines; the wind-turbines will provide not only energy during blackouts, but also provide Kosovars a method of self-employment. After purchasing the wind-turbines, people will have the option to either consume the electricity or sell whatever they do not use to the public utility company at a premium rate. In the spring of 2011 we will begin a pilot project at the American University of Kosovo. We have established a formal, business relationship with a US manufacturer, Balanced Wind, who will be opening a turbine factory in Kosovo, this summer. We have established a relationship with the Kosovo’s Energy Regulator’s Office and Ministry of Energy. And we are also in contact with potential funders including the Rockefeller Brothers, US Agency for International Development, the World Bank and lastly the European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo. We are taking an innovative approach to the distribution of an income generating and capacity building technology. Our hope is that our method of decentralized electrification in Kosovo will serve as a model to other countries in the region and potentially to the rest of the world.


About walkadm

I am an MS candidate is Science and Technology Policy. I have founded two startups in emerging markets; the first was in clean generation; the second is in smarter meter - the second has raised its first round of investment. My research focuses on agriculture and energy technology in emerging markets; inclusive business models; and entrepreneurship theory - my thesis concerns the dichotomy in survival rates between B2B and B2C startup copmanies
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