Smart Grids for the Developing World

Recently, I spoke to an employee from the US Office of Science and Technology Policy about my research in Kosovo, and he suggested I look into the applications of smart grid technologies in the developing world.

These are two interesting articles I dug up:

5 Reasons Why Developing Countries Need Smart Grids, Too

Why the Power Buildout Will Mirror Cell Phones in Developing Countries

The first article cites energy thievery as one of the motivations for smart grids in the developing world. I learned about this problem while I was in Kosovo – during a meeting I had with one of Kosovo’s advisors to the minister of energy, he explained to me how only about 50% of Kosovo’s consumed energy is actually paid for!

The second article is expressing the idea that developing countries will make the same sort of ‘leap-frogging’  jump that was made to cell phones, over landlines,  only this time to decentralized smart grids, over current centralized power grids.


About walkadm

I am an MS candidate is Science and Technology Policy. I have founded two startups in emerging markets; the first was in clean generation; the second is in smarter meter - the second has raised its first round of investment. My research focuses on agriculture and energy technology in emerging markets; inclusive business models; and entrepreneurship theory - my thesis concerns the dichotomy in survival rates between B2B and B2C startup copmanies
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