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Continued Mismanagement

On Friday 11/26/10 I spoke with two people; one from the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and the other from the Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA). I was interested to learn about the ways in which the Kenyan government has been … Continue reading

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Rainwater Harvesting in Nakuru 11/23/10

Only 1/3 of Kenyan farmers have access to a local aquifer to irrigate their crops. So, what can the other 2/3 do to irrigate their crops during the dry season? Rainwater harvesting appears(ed) to be the solution. In KickStart’s Nairobi … Continue reading

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Conversation with a Rainwater Harvesting Guru

November 3rd, ¬†he writes: “I too have mused over the role of the ‘social entrepreneur’ and experienced the usual frustration of not converting inventions or Asian practices¬†into African products and employment. Historically ‘appropriate technology’ has been promoted more by NGOs … Continue reading

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